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The Blues and R & B Music Foundation,Inc.
14th Annual California Blues Festival Event



The Blues and R & B Music Foundation, Inc.


Officers and Board of Directors



Bobbie Webb-President/Founder


            Retired Service Employees Business Representative/Member, Band Leader, Music Producer, Musician, (Past) Treasurer for The Fillmore Merchants Association, (Past) Juneteenth Entertainment Coordinator, (Present) Boards Member For The Market Street M.S.A. People in the Plaza, (Present) Lifetime member of The Musicians Union, KPOO Radio Personality, every Tuesday morning from 9am-12 noon.


Leilani Webb- Executive Vice President/Co-Founder


            Patner to Enfluenz/Lovii Entertainment (Management for Artists and Models), Contract Negotiation  and Distribution deals, NAACP member, Leilani Entertainment (Magazine, Record Label) CEO/Owner, Partner to Enfluenz Entertainment Magazine On-line, Womens Ministry Outreach, Men's Outreach ,Youth Outreach, Community Outreach, Prison and Homeless Outreach, Public Relations, Grant Writing, Entertainment and fundraising coordinator and writer.


Kim Skully- Treasurer


            Reputable Accountant, Public Relations.

Board of Directors:


Sondra Long


             The City and County of San Francisco Park and Recreation Director, Minister/Community Outreach, Men and Women’s Outreach and Youth Outreach..


Kai Johnson

            Teacher, Public Relations and Women’s Ministry and Community Outreach.


Talo Webb

            Hotel, Public Relations/Community Outreach




            Partner to Enfluenz/Lovii Entertainment (Management for Artist and Models), Contract Negoitiation and Distribution deals, NAACP member, Leilani Entertainment (Magazine, Record Label)Partner to Enfluenz Magazine.


Ray Sweeney-Attorney At Law


The Blues and R &B Music Foundation, Inc.
268 Bush Street Ste 3812
San Francisco, CA 94104
Tele: 415 437 6616 Fax 415 765 1565
The Blues and R & B Music Foundation, Inc. is a San Francisco-based  Non-Profit orginization dedicated to the exhibition and preservation of blues, rhythm and blues and will eventually incorporate all genres of music.
The Blues and R & B Music Foundation, Inc. is a community development that fosters cross-cultural communication. Diverse communities shares values about human behavior and the kind endeavors that should be encouraged. We believe diversity should be recognized and celebrated as a communities great strength.We believe strongly in the community and the continuation of building our communtiy.
Our foundation has been assembled to present, promote and preserve a unique African American form of music with a rich history in San Francisco, and in the community of the Fillmore District. It is our goal to continue to create exhibition opportunities for local blues musicians and to help them as performers, assist them to organize and present the blues to the public secure performances venues and promote their acts.
We would like to assist the next generation of artist in the community and reassure the continuation of this musical form. Our goal is to restore the vision of blues in San Francisco a culturally diverse city. Also, provide instruments and scholarships to aspiring musicians.
We're currently in the process of creating afterschool programs to teach music history and music appreciation. We look forward to opening at various sites to give free to the public music lessons. We're also fostering such programs within San Francisco Park and Recreation. We will also be implementing courses originating from the mural project we've completed on the Post Street side on the Hamilton Recreation Building in San Francisco, CA. This project will be an extension of educational courses, we would like to do in the Unified School District. This will be our first book project, hopefully with the opportunities teaching throughout the country as a positive legacy to pass on to all interested, all ages and ethnicity backgrounds etc.
We have also expanded our vision by meeting community needs with Community Outreach programs such as: Youth Outreach, Men and Women Outreach, Prison and Homeless Outreach programs!
The Blues and R & B Music Foundation, Inc is proud to have and would like to thank the following sponsors:
The Former Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr.
Recording Industries Music Performance Trust Fund
The Musicians Union Local 6
Budweiser, Matagrano
San Francisco Park and Recreation
San Francisco Art Commission
Enfluenz/Lovii Entertainment
Enfluenz Magazine
Haight and Ashbury Music
SF Weekly
Grants for the Arts
Graphic Sportswear
Harbour Entertainment Insurance
ABC-Alcohol Beverage Control
San Francisco Police Department
San Francisco Visitors & Convention Bureau
Neighborhood Beautification Fund
Frankie M
Bob Graham
Wendy Nelder
Department of Health
San Francisco Fire Department
Lou's Pier 47
Sandy Lee
We would also like to extend a special thank you to those who have donated to the foundation and who have shown their support by being in attendance at all events. Your support is what keeps the vision alive!
KPOO 89.5 FM
KPOO 89.5 FM is the San Francisco Bay Areas independent, Black owned non commercial radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day from the heart of San Francisco. We play blues , jazz, reggae, hard core hip hop, gospel, salsa and samba: we're the cutting edge of San Francisco political coverage and our news and interview programs cover discussioin of important issues. Tune us in and keep it locked at 89.5 FM KPOO San Francisco. KPOO is the only African American owned and operated non-commercial radio station west of the Mississippi and is the first Black station in the country to be on-line.
KPOO specializes in blues, jazz, reggae, salsa, gospel, hip hop as well as prime time news and public affairs programs highlighting concerns of San Francisco's African American, Asian, Gay and poor communities. KPOO serves the Bay Areas Latin community with four bilingual programs a week and produces programs concerning Irish Americns, women issues and Native American concerns. KPOO broadcasts live the weekly meeting of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and non stop election night coverage. KPOO also uses the airways to educate the community about the important issues such as AIDS prevention, use of the new technologies and consumer protection. In addition, our website is a listing of selected musical, cultural and social events featuring African Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area. KPOO is an independent listener sponsored non-commercial station.


We, the Blues and R & B Music Foundation, Inc., would like to personally thank everyone for the support you've given us towards the first phase of our mural project located on Post street on the wall of the Hamilton Recreation Gym. The wall is beautiful and it speaks for itself. It has added beauty to the Fillmore, Western Addition Area.
We've received a lot of wonderful comments and support from the community concerning our mural. What has particularly stood out to us is the way it affects the youth that pass by all of the time, they look and ask questions. We're on first name basis with many students that pass by.
The mural represents unity and strength of accomplishments to those who work hard at anything they choose to do. It also shows the dues that were paid by artist for the next generations of artist. However, what's even more great is that most of the artist on the walls has come from our beautiful city, San Francisco or Bay Area. What a great legacy to pass on to our youth giving them a sense of pride and confidence to last them their lifetime, but also the older generation, being able to remember their part in that struggle that opened doors for many today! A piece of history that should be passed on.
The purpose of this mural and two book project is to educate our youth and enjoyment for those who are interested. With the books, it will pass on information from the pioneers of music. We will tell the story of those who are still alive, but also comments from family members whom represent the artist that have passed on.
We're trying to implement programs within the SF Unified school district and we have the support of the individual SF Park and recreation sites to have afterschool programs teaching what were writing about even more. Any monies raised from the book will go into a fund to keep these projects going in the school system so it won't affect any budgets and we will give scholarships to those who would like to further their crafts. We will also be giving instruments to student/adults that need them. These afterschool programs and seminars etc. will be free to the public. An incentive to promote unity and confidence in individuals giving them a positive outlook no matter what their circumstances may be.
We, the Blues and R & B Music Foundation, Inc., are looking forward to finishing the otherside of our mural project and two book project. Therefore, we hope we will have your continuos support in this effort to restore a much needed piece of rich history back to our communities and city of San Francisco.

The California Blues Festival

The 13th Annual California Blues Festival

The Artist that performed with us from the beginning. Starting in 1995 to the present:
Bobbie " Spider" Webb and the Smooth Blues Band
Clarence"Guitar" Simms
Mark Naftalin
Billy Dunn and Ladies Choice
Jimmy McCracklin
Richie Barron & The "Funk" Bluz II Revue
Beverly Stoval Blues Band
Blackie Jones Band
Tommy Castro
Johnny Nitro
Kalvin Dixon
Stage Fright
Panther Slim
Domingo and Friends
Lorraine Bell
Bird Leggs
Proud Mary Hill
Carolyn Powell
Ron E. Lee
Taylor P. Collins
Carlos Zialota
Robert LeRoy Jones
The D.R.U Band
Soul Seekers Blues Band
Bobbby Reed & Surprise Band
Shane Dewight
Stu Blank
Juice Garcia & her band
Emmett Powell & The Gospel Elites
Lady Margaret & the Gentlemen
Magaret Marie
Red Archie Ball and the Internationals
Pat Wilder and all the female band LUST
Country Pete & the Cotton Field Blues Band
Sonny Rhodes
Big Bones
Bee Bee Price
Victor Sila
Steve Lucky & Carmen Getit
Paula Cavvy
E.C. Scott
Guitar Mac
Louis Matterson
Johnny Nitro and the Doors Slammers
Johnny Mamii
Carl Robinson
Ed Serrano
Niel Stalling


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